Naked Putin, saddling a horse, set off on a trip to the Petchenegues: a new masterpiece by the Russian artist ridiculed users of social networks



Everyone already knows the winged words of “the historian” Putin, who are full of funny comments on social networks.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

How Putin treated the Pechenegs.
Another historic embarrassment of Putin blew up social media. Photo:

And then another historic embarrassment again blew up the network. In a meeting with Russian mayors, the head of the Kremlin explained how Russia had defeated the Petechenes and the Polovts.

Social networks are bubbling and continue to taunt Vladimir Putin powerfully.

The popular Russian artist Igor Ponochevny, known to all by the pseudonym “Alyosha Stupin”, made the president the hero of his new caricature.

Fotozhaba Alyosha Stupina.
The Russian artist’s photoshop made fun of social media users. Photo:

On the photo-toad, you can see Vladimir Putin undressed, who has saddled a horse and with a shield is preparing to “protect” Russia from the Petchenegs.

Humorous users appreciated the artist’s next masterpiece and even suggested that Putin could dip his weapons with the novice.

“The grandfather, they say, is locked up, there is no one to speak to him”, “And after having soaked the tips of spears and arrows with a beginner …”, “At the moment, c has become a shame for the Polovtsians! “,” The horse is very much like the gymnast “, – these jokes can be found in the comments under the artist’s publication.

Earlier, it was reported that Girkin (Strelkov) confirmed his cynical statement that he was the one who started the war in the Donbass.

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