Name of one of the most popular internet passwords


Over 7 million people use the same combination

Name of one of the most popular Internet passwords. Photo:

Millions of people continue to fall prey to hackers worldwide due to the choice of a weak password. At the same time, each account from 142 users selects the simplest combination “123456” to protect the report Finextra.

Although banks, retailers and other companies are experimenting with alternative security methods (fingerprints, behavioral biometrics), passwords still dominate Internet users.

Computer engineering student Ata Hackchill analyzed one billion credential leaks collected from various repositories. Therefore, it was discovered that over 7 million people use the “123456” combination to protect their accounts – this is 0.72% of the total number of accounts hacked.

29% of the resulting databases were alphanumeric passwords, 26% – passwords using lowercase characters only, 13% – numbers only and 12% – using special characters. The average length of a regular Internet password was 9.48 characters.

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According to a visa study conducted in Ukraine in January 2020, only 34% of people use a unique password for each account. More than half (54%) of users have many different, but not unique, passwords, and every eighth (12%) uses the same password to log in to all of their accounts.

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