Name the industry that will suffer the most from coronovirus


An epidemic could put millions of people out of work

Name the industry that will suffer the most from Kovid-19. Photo:

According to the report, approximately 75 million tourism jobs may disappear due to the coronovirus epidemic Interfax With reference to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

In an online meeting organized by Saudi Arabia, the WTTC called on the G20 leaders to take decisive action to save the tourism sector. At present, 75 million jobs are threatened. According to the information, the industry comprises a total of 330 million people.

In particular, the WTTC needs to allocate resources and save large travel companies – air and cruise operators, global reservation systems (GDS), hotels as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (tour operators and agents, restaurants, etc.) Was asked to coordinate efforts.

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We previously wrote that the quarantine regime in Ukraine has already left its mark on the labor market. So, since the beginning of quarantine measures, the courier delivery segment has grown. Accordingly, the need for employers in relevant specialists has increased: couriers, packers, support service operators, drivers, etc. However, given that the demand for applicants for such work has always been very high, there is no shortage of these specifications.

Some “specific” vacancies have also appeared. For example, a personal and corporate virologist-controller of coronavirus, specialist in labor protection and industrial security, an agent for the sale of legal services to companies affected by an epidemic (anti-crisis package).

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