Named Currency Most Reliable: Survey Results


Most people rely on funds issued by central banks

Name the currency that is most trusted: Survey results on digital assets. Photo: cryptocurrency together with The Economist produced a report on the attitude of most people to cryptocurrencies and digital assets. More than half of the survey participants stated that they would prefer the use of regulated cryptocurrency rather than benami assets.

Analysts concluded that the bulk of people are not yet ready to switch to the use of decentralized funds. It is noteworthy that 3 thousand people participated in the survey.

54% of the respondents said that they rely more on coins issued by central banks. 38% of the respondents suspected the use of decentralized coins and only 26% of the participants indicated that they are ready to use bitcoin and other decentralized assets. 23% of the respondents would combine the cost between CBDC and decentralized crypto assets.

“Our report showed that, although the use of cryptocurrencies is not popular among the general public, people are very curious and optimistic about them in the future,” said Chris Marshleck, CEO of

According to’s representative, Eric Antsiani, CBDC’s popularity is growing at a much faster pace than traditional cryptocurrencies. This shows that many people are prepared to give up anonymity for protection from fraud and speculation.

It is now believed that the use of digital currencies will continue to increase as a result of the coronovirus epidemic, although Jason Vinciunas, senior editor of the Economist Intelligence Unit, acknowledged that the Kovid-19 was not included in the survey.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that the term “cryptocurrency” itself appeared long ago for virtual worlds – nine years ago. But in some countries, they are still not used to take electronic money seriously.

Surprisingly, in 2020, with contactless payments and an abundance of Internet banks, people with bitcoins are not trusted. Cryptocurrencies, in general, are clearly intimidated considering the digitally black markets and plenty of arms vendors. But is this really so – in PaySpace magazine.

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