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Everyone knows the beneficial properties and nutritional values ​​of eggs, thanks to which they are one of the important products of each family.

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How to cook eggs ..
How to cook eggs so that the shell is easily peeled. Photo:

The most common way to cook eggs is to cook them. During cooking, all the nutritional properties of the eggs are preserved, moreover, it is fast and practical.

Usually, when boiling, the eggs are immersed in boiling water and after a few minutes, depending on the desired degree, the product is ready for use. However, with this method, even after the eggs have been cooled down suddenly with cold water, their shells are not always easy to clean.

Many experts, to make eggs easier to peel, add a pinch of salt to the water. However, it is not always effective.

Reveal the secret. To make perfectly cooked eggs, you need to add a little vinegar to the water. The interaction of calcium carbonate, which is contained in the shell with acid, will cause an oxidation reaction, which makes the shell soft and easy to clean.

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