Named the most popular quarantine services


After the introduction of quarantine restrictions, the popularity of commercial applications and services for video conferencing was activated.

Most popular services were named during the quarantine period: where 200 million people spend time

Researchers at GlobalLogic found that quarantine led to a sharp jump in demand for video conferencing services – 7 times in the world and 5 times in Ukraine. The most popular service for video calls in Ukraine and other countries was Malleable Zoom.

At the same time, according to analysts at App Annie, since the introduction of quarantine, the popularity of business applications has increased significantly, which in turn is due to the demand for video calling. We are talking about a 90% increase in the number of downloads per week.

And yet, Zoom in the United States is more popular than in Italy. Americans prefer hangout meat services more. In Ukraine, the demand for Zoom has grown 9 times, with the service ranking first in the Ukrainian play market and ranking of applications in the App Store.

But in Ukraine, the popularity of Google Hangouts search queries has also increased 4 times. On mobile platforms, the number of Hangout Meat downloads in the business application category has increased more than 13 times.

Only a few months ago Zoom was not used by more than 10 million users. Now they number 200 million people per day. And Zoom Cloud Meetings, a smartphone app topped the ranking by number of download downloads in February-March worldwide. As a result, Zoom Video Communications shares rose: In January, their value on the NASDAQ exchange was a $ 76.73 maximum, and reached $ 116 in April.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that YouTube and Vimeo received videos from conferences held using the popular Zoom service. Schools in the public domain also had classrooms and private conversations of users.

In video calls, voices are heard and children’s personal data is revealed, business financial reports, patient’s name and phone number, as well as people’s intimate conversations.

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