Named the most successful industries other than online retail


Quarantine incentives for pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries to grow

Whom Crisis, and Whom – Success: Apart from online retail, the most successful sectors have been named.

Analysts at the YouControl online system analyzed the impact of quarantine on business activity and came to several interesting conclusions. To understand how much the Ukrainian business was affected by the quarantine, the company’s experts collected data on the opening and closing of the companies from 12 March to 15 April and compared them with the same period of the previous year.

According to these figures, there has been a slowdown in the creation of new companies. This indicates a significant decline in business activity. The pace of manufacturing of companies for the study period decreased by 54.7% as compared to the same period of the previous year. If the 2019 information in the USR testifies to the presence of 5452 new companies, now only 2471 firms can be counted.

However, there are many industries whose growth dynamics can be assessed as a positive trend – there are even more registrations of new companies than they were a year ago.

Due to a significant increase in the attention of millions of consumers for their own health and disease prevention, the market for medical services and pharmaceutical products is growing rapidly. Leaders in the number of legal entities created are companies whose main activity is:

  • Production of pharmaceuticals (growth of 600%);
  • Perfume and cosmetics production (100%);
  • Extraction of mineral raw materials for the chemical industry and production of mineral fertilizers (100%).

According to YouControl, the number of pharmaceutical companies grew rapidly in 2020 and the number of new pharmacists remained almost unchanged.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that from the time of the coronovirus a Ukrainian entrepreneur had received many tasks that needed to be implemented immediately. For example, to establish remote communication, remote document exchange and digitization of advertising – these areas have become a new area of ​​interest for adaptive business.

In addition, the crisis provoked the need for financial services that allow you to accept and transfer payments in different currencies and for different platforms. Details are in PaySpace magazine.

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