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Natalya Rotenberg got married

Natalia Rotenberg and Tigran Arzakantsyan

Former wife of billionaire Arkady Rotenberg Natalya Rotenberg shared the good news on her Instagram – she got married again. Her new husband was a 53-year-old Armenian businessman and politician, Tigran Arzakantsyan, whose relationship with her began in 2018.

Natalya Rotenberg got married

Natalia did not hide her lover and regularly shared common photos on her blog. Last year, the couple were also seen together at the Royal Ascot Royal Horse Race.

However, Rotenberg hasn’t shared any other details yet. Natalia only showed one other common photo and succinctly signed:

Meet my current spouse.

Natalya Rotenberg got married

Subscribers congratulated Natalya on the new status and wished them a happy family life.

You are beautiful and Tigran is beautiful,

– wrote one of the commentators.

Natalya Rotenberg got married

Recall that in a marriage to Arkady Rotenberg, Natalia lived eight years. The divorce occurred in 2013 and was quite difficult. Natalya failed to seize $ 1.65 billion from her ex-husband, from whom she gave birth to two children, but she did get an estate in Surrey and an apartment in London. However, without her husband, Natalia was not taken aback – she registered several brands and also took over the confectionery business.

Tigran Arzakantsyan is the founder of the brandy company. He has four children, while two are adopted – he took over his nephews after the death of his brother in 1997. In 2007, Tigran himself was attacked – after a conflict with other visitors to the Metropol casino, he was seriously injured by a bullet.

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