National Bank issued souvenir 1000 hryvnia – photo


The new souvenir money is made of silver and repeats the design of the original thousand

National Bank issued souvenir 1000 hryvnia. Photo:

On 20 May, the National Bank of Ukraine issued a souvenir banknote made of silver, which reproduces the design of a banknote of 1000 hryvnia in 2019.

Currently, 300 pieces of a new banknote are currently released. It is made of silver 999.9 specimens, has a dimension of 133 × 66 × 1.35 mm, and has a net weight of 124 grams. Holograms were used as an element of decoration of banknotes.

Like the original thousand, the souvenir banknote depicts the construction (reverse) of Volodymyr Varnadsky (Obverse) and the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

First, the banknote can be purchased at an electronic auction, after which the souvenir money will go on sale through existing channels to sell numerical products of the National Bank of Ukraine.


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At the end of February, Ukrainian was among the 1000-hryvnia bill Nominees for the title of Best Banknote of the Year. According to the terms of the competition, which is organized by the International Bank Note Society (IBNS), banknotes must be issued for the first time during the year and have a certain artistic value. Also, banknotes must be in circulation.

In addition to the Ukrainian banknote, the list of nominees included 20 other participants: 5 pounds and 10 pounds of Northern Ireland, 1,000 Swiss francs, 100 Aruban flowers, 200 euros, 1,000 Norwegian crowns, 10 Georgian lari, etc.

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