National Bank team appealed to the public


The regulator sought to curb political pressure on the NBU by some deputies

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The team of the National Bank of Ukraine appealed to the public, experts and business community, top officials and international organizations Page On Facebook. In it, the regulator sought to end political pressure on the NBU by some deputies, who “systematically distort and discredit” the work of the National Bank. “Their goal is to end Ukraine’s cooperation with international allies. We are threatened with the creation of temporary inquiry commissions and inspections. “According to the team of the regulator, such commissions are used as a primitive tool for dealing with rebellious people.

“We fully share the position of the board of the National Bank and consider it unacceptable to put political pressure on the central bank of Ukraine in a legal and civilized state. Time to call a hoe a hoe. Regular information attacks, public insults, threats, custom-made rallies near National Bank walls and blocking their employees’ homes are “not a call for a professional discussion.” This is bullying and blackmail. It should stop. “

The National Bank team remembered its merits. In particular, the regulator halted inflation, lowered the discount rate to a record 6%, followed the market’s flexible exchange rate formation, and ensured the stability of the hryvnia. In addition, the National Bank is organizing Ukraine without depreciation of hryvnia, without the global financial crisis and outflow of depositors, without the insolvency of banks in Ukraine.

The report also stated that following the resignation of National Bank chief Jacob Smolley, the team will continue to work to maintain macro-financial stability and institutional capacity.

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Recall, on 1 July, the head of the NBU, Yakov Smoly resigned. The reason he called for systematic political pressure on the National Bank. The banking community and many experts reacted to this news with disappointment and fear.

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