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Now you can ask a question about getting a license on the regulator’s website

National Bank transfers one of the online services. Photo:

Applicants or potential applicants can now turn to the National Bank of Ukraine with questions about the license using a special form on the regulator’s website “Food about license”, Press service of NBU.

Now online you can get information about banks, to conduct foreign exchange transactions, to provide collection services to banks or with a question about registering payment market participants by asking questions about payments , Can issue license to transfer money to hrijnias to open an account without:

  • A package of documents to obtain a license
  • Status of already submitted package of documents
  • Regulatory approach

What should be indicated in the appeal:

  1. Information about you or your representatives (if any): last name, first name, patron / name, residence (for non-residents of Ukraine), registration or place of residence, contact
  2. Phone number and email address
  3. List of questions
  4. Justify the need for discussion
  5. The process that concerns handling. For example, adequate participation in a bank, issuing a license to transfer money in national currency without opening an account, and thus
    Other information that you consider necessary to be added.

Appeal Need to add scanned copies of documents Verifying the credentials of the delegates on the issue and documents.

It is reported that after filling and submitting the form, the applicant will be contacted by representatives of the NBU Licensing Department. To obtain an answer, a meeting may be scheduled on the premises of the National Bank or through video conference.

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Earlier we wrote that the National Bank of Ukraine announced an approach to future regulation of the pawn shop market. In particular, it wants to provide an opportunity for the NBU to create a cash currency exchange and transfer funds without opening accounts.

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