National police say how many “law thieves” are currently in Ukraine



National police said how much

National police say how many “law thieves” are currently in Ukraine

06.06.2020 00:57


There are now 15 to 20 so-called thieves in Ukraine, but around 50 enter our country, which is around 10% of their global number.

This was announced on the “Freedom of Expression of Savik Shuster” program by NPU President Igor Klimenko, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“We are talking about 15 to 25” thieves in law “who are in Ukraine, but there are many more in Ukraine. There are about 450” thieves in law “in the world. About 50 come to Ukraine, and very often these “thieves” in law “direct criminal organizations from a distance. But think about it: 10% of thieves in law have settled in Ukraine, “said Klimenko.

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The chief of the national police said that the majority of “thieves in law” were not Ukrainian; they are ethnic Georgians, Russians, etc.

“Ukrainians (among them – ed.) Less than 6%. And, as a rule, thieves do not have Ukrainian passports,” he said.

Klimenko explained that “today we see that all criminal groups work for a thief in law”.

“In addition, money from the activities of each criminal group is deposited with a thief.” Therefore, these people have the opportunity to influence the socio-political and socio-economic state. In addition, they influence mass events, can destabilize the situation both in a separate region for these funds and in the future in the state as a whole, “said the head of the NPU.

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According to him, documenting a thief is a difficult long-term intellectual process conducted by professionals.

“We say we will document and document these groups” from below “and go to the” thief in law “, not” from above “to call the person he is the head of an organized criminal community, and move from him to other groups. If we reveal a criminal group, we come later to criminal authority, then we come to the “spectator”, the “polite”, and then only the “thief of laws”. It is technically, intellectually very difficult to prove, “he said.

He said that beforehand, the police had documented, in particular, last year and this year, 11 of these people, some of whom were in pre-trial detention centers.

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As reported by Ukrinform, on June 4, the Verkhovna Rada passed a second law on the repetition of the Ukrainian Criminal Code concerning responsibility for crimes committed by the criminal community (2513).

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