Nationalists declare war on sharia: riots have started across Ukraine



It has been learned that in Ukraine, representatives of various nationalist organizations have started to attack the offices of the Sharia party. In addition, the radicals even attack people who have the symbolism of a blogger.

Nationalists. Photo –

This information has been reported Anatoly Shary in his Telegram channelreferring to the post of “legitimate”, reports “NPF”.

“Across Ukraine, attacks on Sharia offices have started. Because of their actions, the radicals are literally promoting their enemy. Its rating in the Center and in the south-east of the country could soon increase considerably, ”reported the Telegram channel.

After that, it was said that a source in the interior ministry had leaked information about the state of the nationalists. He said they were very angry after the “mocking” Sharia party rally in the capital of Ukraine.

“A series of attacks on all Sharia offices in Ukraine is already in the works. However, because of this, it is now difficult not to notice the Sharia Party. It firmly enters the fold of the Ukrainian agenda. They will “water” it from different sides later, that’s for sure, “concluded the source.

Recall that it was Orthodox Hamas – blogger Danilchenko ridiculed the victory parade in Donetsk.


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