NBU chief talks about priorities in new position


Shevchenko describes himself as a supporter of corporate governance reform in state banks

The head of the National Bank talked about priorities for the new position. Photo:

National Bank of Ukraine President Kirill Shevchenko said during the first meeting with the Big Seven ambassadors that the NBU will remain an independent institution in the future, which will make amnesty and financially motivated decisions. At the same time, monetary policy, inflation targeting and flexible exchange rates will be protected, press reports of regulatory reports.

Among the main priorities for the new position, Shevchenko’s name:

  1. Reinstatement of debt;
  2. Reduction of “bad” loans departments;
  3. Maintaining macro-financial stability;
  4. Continues further deepening of Ukraine’s cooperation with international partners.

Kirill Shevchenko also said that he is an advocate of reform Corporate Governance in State Banks. The result is the successful work of financial institutions today and the ability to attract investors.

“The close partnership with our international partners is a significant achievement of financial sector reform in recent years. I consider it my duty to support and develop them. The National Bank highly appreciates the relationship with the G7 countries, the European Union as well as international financial institutions, “said Kirill Shevchenko,” We are strongly convinced that cooperation with international partners is one of the macro-financial stability in Ukraine. Necessary Guarantee. From our side, you will see a responsible attitude to all your obligations: we will continue to fulfill them, guided by the principles of transparency and partnership. “

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Earlier, Kirill Shevchenko said that the National Bank should continue the policy of reducing the discount rate, which is at this level of 6% per annum. At the moment, it is the lowest level in the history of independent Ukraine.

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