NBU explained what to do if the bank violates your rights


The National Bank has warned Ukrainians about consumer rights violations by banks in case of too much release of their services.

NBU talked about consumer rights violations: what to do if the bank provides services. Photo: LIGA

If the bank claims that it cannot issue a salary or pension card without a credit card, it is a misrepresentation and imposition of services, warns the NBU. Ukrainian law prohibits this, and the customer has every right to refuse the credit card imposed.

What is prohibited:

  • The bank issues credit cards along with pay cards;
  • The bank includes mandatory insurance from a specific insurance in the package of services when obtaining a loan, even if the customer wants to insure itself in another company;
  • The bank sells currency exchange accident insurance;
  • The bank arbitrarily activates the SMS information service and charges commission for the same.

To resolve such situations, the customer must write a complaint addressed to the bank’s management. If the bank refuses to complete and ignore the complaint, you should contact the NBU. If there are signs of consumer rights violations, the regulator will contact the bank directly to correct the situation.

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Recall that in the last two years, 76% of Ukrainians have not encountered any problem situation while negotiating with banks. This is evident from the results of a survey of Ukrainian consumers of financial services conducted for the fund to guarantee the deposits of individuals.

According to the study, the share of respondents who save more than half of their funds in the bank rose from 8% to 13% – confidence in banks is slowly being restored. It is important that the antitrust factor in banks is no longer referred to as the leading factor in bank account shortages.

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