NBU fined a large bank for 2 million UAH


Other financial institutions received fines ranging from 50 thousand to 300 thousand dollars

NBU fined a large bank for 2 million UAH Photo:

In May, National Bank fined two banks and a non-banking financial company for violating the law in the area of ​​financial monitoring. The fine was obtained by Taskcombank, Polycombank and Weforpay payment service, NBU Press Service reports.

Taskcombank He was fined $ 2.4 million:

  1. Inadequate management of money laundering / terrorist financing risks, failure to fulfill the obligation to carefully examine customers
  2. For the analysis of financial transactions of bank customers during 2017-2018, the implementation on a continuous basis was not done keeping in mind the risk-based approach.

According to NBU’s press service, Tascombank’s customers were involved in a cash withdrawal scheme implemented by the Unison Bank Collection Fund, classified as insolvent at the time of the financial transaction.

Taskombank also received a written warning for failure to identify / untimely identify the fact that customers are public persons as well as for transactions that violate the restrictions established by the sanctions.

Polikombank The bank was fined 300 thousand UAH for its failure to properly analyze the financial operations of its customers.

Financial company Wayforpay A penalty of 51 thousand UAH was received for failure to provide the National Bank with the necessary information to carry out state supervision of this institution.

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In April, the National Bank of Ukraine implemented measures of influence to three Ukrainian banks, based on the results of inspection on counter-protest and legalization of income from crime. Specifically, the regulator sent a written warning to Credit Agricole Bank and IIB, as well as a $ 3,000 million fine to Poltava Bank.

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