NBU gave jobs to former top managers of bankrupt banks


Regulator “restores” business reputation of seven bankers

NBU “hired” former top managers of bankrupt banks. Photo:

In 2019, seven people were promoted to managerial positions in banks after “restoring” their reputation.

According to publication Financial ClubAt the beginning of the last crisis, the heads of bankrupt banks received a three-year ban on participation in the management of solvent banks.

But since the end of 2018, a new regulation on banks ‘licenses has come into effect, which has changed the mechanism to white out bankers’ reputation, the newspaper notes.

It is reported that instead of a three-year ban, National Bank mandated “whitening” for all former top managers of banks. However, a new opportunity is available only to managers who worked in banks, went bankrupt, but their actions did not bring the bank to go bankrupt.

NBU reported that in 2019 they agreed on 206 heads of banks and internal audit departments, including seven people – as part of a process to restore the reputation of the business.

“33 individuals were refused approval, including six due to inconsistencies in business reputation,” the NBU said.

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Earlier we wrote that the investigating judge of Pechersky District Court in Kiev issued a ruling allowing the arrest of former people’s deputy Constantin Zhivego, who is suspected of embezzling finance and credit bank assets.

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