NBU launched an application to read data from documents


UAPassportReader should make life easier for both banks and customers

NBU launched an application to read non-contact of data from documents

National Bank has completed the development of the UAPassportReader application, with which you can contact biometric documents. The aim of the development is to identify the customer with a ID card or biometric passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

According to NBU forecasts, the use of this application in banking departments and its integration with computer systems will facilitate the lives of both banks and their customers. Banks will not be required to purchase equipment to read information from chip biometric documents.

For customers who have biometric documents, they will no longer be required to carry a paper certificate of registration with them. They also have access to their own data contained in the documents: they can download this information on their smartphone for further transfer (for example, in PDF format).

Where the application is available for the iPhone smartphone, in the future National Bank is also planning to develop a similar version for Google Play.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that applicants or potential applicants can now turn to the National Bank of Ukraine with questions about the license, using a special look at the regulator’s website “About the license”.

Now you can get information about the banks licensed online, issue licenses for transferring funds to the deer without opening an account, to conduct foreign exchange transactions, providing collection services to banks Or with the question of registration of market participants.

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