NBU launches online auction: what will be sold


The bid barter will be held on the UICE site

National Bank launches online auction: what will be sold Photo:

The National Bank announced the pilot launch of an online auction for the sale of commemorative coins of Ukraine. NBU hopes to meet customer demand for numerical products, according to the regulator’s website, using the new mechanism.

It has been reported that the National Bank will conduct an electronic auction for the sale of new issues of coins. Participants will have remote access to tenders, which will be on the site of the commodity exchange “Contract House UICE” after the coins are brought into circulation. Based on the results of the auction, NBU will create a price for its products and distribute them through other sales channels (online, distribution banks, etc.).

As reported by the NBU Press Service, a portion of the circulation of coins will be put up for auction (in different lots, with a different number of units produced per lot). The winners of the auctions will pay the lots by non-cash method. To avoid overcrowding, they will be able to take products purchased at the National Bank in Kiev.

It is reported that the first numerical product that will be sold through online auctions will be a commemorative coin “Vydubitsky St. Michael’s Monastery”.

On the UICE website, it was clarified that buyers who:

  1. Recognition and recognition passed on UICE Stock Exchange
  2. A trading day until 18:00, which was transferred to the Exchange Bank account before the day of the auction, secures funds for all for which the buyer wishes to participate in the auction and the registration fee
  3. Received a username and password for access to the exchange’s electronic trading system and passed mandatory registration

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Earlier, we wrote that the first phase of the competition for determining the best coin of 2019 “Best coin of the year of Ukraine” began in February. All commemorative coins of Ukraine, brought into circulation by the National Bank from January 1 to December 31, 2019, take part in the competition.

By voting from February 3 to April 6, 2020, three coins will be determined with the most votes in two categories: “Best Coin of the Year” and “Disclosure of Best Subject”. It is specified that a coin of a denomination can be indicated in only one nomination.

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