NBU named new participants in Ukraine’s money market


In total, 42 companies with NBU currency licenses currently operate in Ukraine

NBU named new participants in Ukraine’s foreign exchange market. Photo:

According to the NBU website, in the second quarter of 2020, three new participants joined Ukraine’s money market, among them also postal operator Ukroposta.

Therefore, during this period, the regulator issued a license to conduct currency transactions in cash trading in LLC Tiger Investment FC, and also expanded the list of currency transactions of FC Profinef LLC, in addition to trading in cash, money Transaction of.

Also in the second quarter, National Bank re-issued the general license for the foreign exchange operations of Ukrposhta JSC and the license for foreign exchange trading in cash and transferred funds.

Earlier, the National Bank provided an opportunity to issue a simple license license to all participants in the foreign exchange market. Licenses for foreign currency transactions issued on the basis of “foreign exchange and currency transactions” based on the law of Ukraine are valid indefinitely (the first general licenses for currency exchange were issued for 3 years).

In total, 42 participants with licenses to conduct foreign exchange operations are currently working in Ukraine’s foreign exchange market.

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Recall that earlier this month, the National Bank identified the violator of the currency law. On June 15, the regulator sent a written warning to financial company Magnet. The NBU implemented a measure of impact on the foreign exchange transaction process and the organization’s compliance based on the results of the inspection of the financial institutions’ cash departments.

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