NBU named three banks that violate financial surveillance


The regulator has implemented measures based on the results of audits of financial institutions

Violators of financial surveillance: NBU named three banks. Photo:

In April, the National Bank of Ukraine implemented measures of influence to three Ukrainian banks, according to the results of the inspection on money laundering prevention and retaliation, the NBU Press Service reported.

Specifically, the regulator sent a written warning to Credit Agricole Bank that the bank “not immediately” notifies the specially authorized body of an attempt to establish a business relationship with an individual, which lists individuals associated with terrorist activities Is included or applied to international sanctions.

In addition, a written warning was received IIB Failure to properly evaluate the financial condition of customers, as well as violations of requirements for the development, implementation and continuous updating of the bank’s internal documents on financial monitoring.

Poltava bank Considering the risk-based approaches to proper analysis of customers’ financial transactions, they were fined $ 300 thousand for implementation on an ongoing basis. The bank also received a written warning to improperly fulfill its obligation to study customers.

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On 28 April, Bill number 2179 came into force in Ukraine to prevent and counter legalization of the proceeds of crime. The new law implements the FATF recommendations, as well as the 4th and partly 5th directives of the European Union against money laundering and terrorist financing, which already apply to all EU member states and to those countries Mandatory are those which intend to become members of the European Union in national law.

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