NBU publishes approach to regulation of leasing companies


How the non-bank leasing market will be regulated: NBU approach published

How the non-bank leasing market will be regulated: NBU approaches are published. Photo:

The National Bank published the white paper “Future Regulation of Non-Bank Leasing”, which describes planned changes in market regulation.

In particular, the following are the main changes:

1. The requirements of leaseholders working as financial companies or as legal entities with licenses for financial leases will be integrated. At the moment, the requirements of companies providing the same service are different.

Current wills Automatically re-registered as a financial company With the appropriate type of license. As before, apart from providing financial services, other business activities, including operational leasing, may also be less busy.

In general, as a national banknote Simplified requirements will apply to leasing companies As a segment of the financial market without increased risk, which does not attract population wealth, however, such companies will maintain capital requirements. If only financial leasing services are provided, or two or more financial services are provided, then leasing companies should maintain their capital at the level of 3 million.

2. The sources of financing of financial companies will be clearly regulated and expanded. With qualified investors from qualified individuals and legal entities, will be able to raise funds from the affiliates and funds on the basis of subordinate debt. The possibility of raising funds by issuing debt securities will also be explicitly regulated.

3. There will be increased requirements for the preparation and disclosure of reports, especially for the transparency of companies.

As noted by the NBU Press Service, the main goal of the new regulation proposed in the white paper would be to promote the development of the financial leasing market for the principles of transparency, rights and interests of customers.


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Earlier, Verkhovna Rada adopted the first reading bill number 2788-d on the creation of a state “postal” bank. The document, in particular, introduces a system of postal accounts, and also sets out the list of financial services that Ukropsatha can provide. Among them: opening and maintaining postal accounts, conducting settlement operations, issuing and servicing payment cards, conducting foreign currency transactions, raising money from individuals and legal entities, collecting cash and transporting currency values. The National Bank opposed this initiative and said that it is a step towards increasing the state’s monopoly in the financial sector.

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