NBU reveals suspicious transactions in banks for UAH 4.6 billion


The regulator, in particular, suspected these acts of money laundering and tax evasion.

NBU discovered suspicious transactions for transactions of billions in Ukrainian banks. Photo:

In the second quarter of 2020, the National Bank of Ukraine sent four letters to law enforcement agencies based on the results of monitoring, with information on suspected financial transactions of customers of banks and non-bank financial institutions, totaling $ 4.6 billion. Non-bank financial institutions for a total amount of Rs. This was reported on the NBU website.

The regulator also sent a message to NABU over the suspected financial transaction for about $ 24.9 million.

As noted by the press service of the NBU, mainly law enforcement officers have obtained information about the financial transaction, nature or the consequences thereof, giving reason to believe that they would be responsible for the return of capital, the legalization of criminal proceedings , Cash transfer of non-cash funds, tax evasion and etc.

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Earlier, we reported that on the basis of the results of financial monitoring and foreign exchange supervision in 2019, the National Bank of Ukraine sent dozens of letters to law enforcement agencies regarding suspicious transactions from customers of 35 banks and 2 non-bank financial institutions Information was given.

In total, the regulator sent law enforcement officials: UAH 29.2 billion, 24 letters about transactions totaling $ 98 million; Letter about large scale transactions of bank customers for a total of $ 1.4 billion, $ 1.12 billion, 51.1 million euros, 69.6 million Russian rubles, 48 ​​million zlotys; 4 reports of suspicious transactions to NABU and 1 letter to SBU.

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