NBU transfers one of the licenses in a new format


Regulatory payments reduce documented burden on market participants

National Bank is transferring a license to a new format. Photo:

The National Bank offers an electronic register of licenses for transferring money in national currency without opening an account. Now, instead of paper forms, the license to transfer funds becomes electronic, the NBU Press Service reports.

On entering the appropriate account in the register, it becomes a fact of issuing a license to transfer funds to the applicant, it is noted on the website of the regulator. In addition, the applicant will be able to obtain an extract from the Register Free in the form of paper at any time, if necessary. Information from the register is available for public review National Bank website.

In addition, in connection with the change to a new format, the issuance of a license to transfer funds and a duplicate issuance services are canceled. Previously obtained “paper” licenses remain valid, do not require replacement, their validity period is not limited. Information on existing market participants is automatically included in the register specified in the National Bank.

In addition, non-banking institutions should no longer submit to the NBU for approval of updated information about the conditions and procedure for the provision of money transfer services. The regulation was entered into on May 16, 2020, over the process of issuing a license to transfer funds.

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Earlier we wrote that National Bank has completed the development of the UAPassportReader application, with which you can contact biometric documents. The aim of the development is to identify the customer with a ID card or biometric passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

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