NBU warns Ukrainians about the risk of debt “at 0%”


In reality such a bet can last only one week.

The National Bank warned Ukrainians about the risk of debt “at 0%”. Photo:

Olga Lobaychuk, head of the Department of Consumer Protection of the National Bank of Ukraine, explained why Ukrainians “at 0%” should be very careful with loans from financial companies.

Lobaychuk said that financial institutions do not just distribute funds in such a way that “it is not a charitable organization.”

The loan rate “less than 0%” may be valid for one week only. Subsequently, fines, penalties, commissions and additional interest are included. In the citizens’ appeal, the Department of Consumer Protection was greeted with a maximum loan rate of 1702% per year, Lobayukuk said.

The expert advised the borrowers to read the agreement carefully and check all the terms of the loan. Due to the fact that the consumer voluntarily subscribes to such conditions, it is difficult to protect his rights in this case. Only one who can help is the court.

“Since January this year, the protection of the rights of financial services consumers has been initiated in Ukraine. We started active work with banks. Set requirements for advertising and information on the site. Banks will have to complete them from 1 September. ‘

He said that the next phase in the work of the new NBU unit would be the requirements for the contracts. Similar rules have to be followed by financial companies.

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Earlier we wrote that the National Bank launched an all-Ukrainian information campaign to combat payment fraud on 7 July. The goal is to teach Ukrainians the basic rules of protecting non-cash and online payments.

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