Nearly $ 1 billion allocated to hospitals to help patients with COVID-19 in April



Nearly $ 1 billion allocated to hospitals to help patients with COVID-19 in April

Nearly $ 1 billion allocated to hospitals to help patients with COVID-19 in April

06.06.2020 12:14


The National Health Service of Ukraine transferred nearly one billion UAH to medical facilities for COVID-19 treatment kits in April.

On this subject during a briefing, which was broadcast on Facebook, Oksana Movchan, acting NZZU, said the correspondent of Ukrinform.

“To date, the NHA has paid nearly one billion UAH to provide medical care to patients with COVID-19 in April. In particular, the 25 emergency centers, 217 hospital care centers, 676 centers medical staff for the mobile and 91 teams received payments, a medical institution that provided medical care to hospital patients in April but is not on the list of hospitals designated for hospitalization, “said Movchan.

She noted that the NSZU pays the services of medical institutions at a rate that includes additional payments to doctors of up to 300% of salary.

“The chief medical officer of the medical facility who signs the contract with the NHA, agrees to pay these additional funds to medical and other workers working directly with patients with COVID-19. That is, not all employees of the medical facility, but they treat and go to patients with or suspicious of coronavirus, “said Movchan.

Thus, according to the NSZU, which brought Movchan, Dnipropetrovsk, Chernivtsi, the emergency centers of Poltava have already paid the necessary surcharges to the employees. In particular, in the center of Chernivtsi for emergency medical care, according to Movchan, the average payments are from 14 to 15 thousand UAH, the maximum – 22 thousand UAH.

She recalled that according to the requirements that the NHRI puts forward in hospitals, the patient should receive all the necessary treatments, depending on the severity of the disease, therefore, all the medical establishments with which the NHRI has concluded contracts have all the necessary equipment, staffed teams and are able to provide such assistance 24 hours a day. In addition, according to Movchan, in these hospitals should be all the drugs necessary to treat patients.

“In particular, in contracted medical facilities, there must be at least four teams of doctors and medical personnel involved in the treatment of patients with COVID-19. A team consists of 12 medical workers, 3 doctors, including an anesthesiologist, at least 4 mechanical ventilation machines, and there are also enough respirators, “said Movchan.

She added that the NHA had not entered into contracts with hospitals that did not meet at least one of these requirements.

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As reported, according to the Ministry of Health, in Ukraine on the morning of June 6, 26,514 cases of COVID-19 have been laboratory confirmed, including 550 in the past 24 hours. 11,812 people recovered, 777 died.

On April 1, Ukraine began the second phase of medical reform. He said health care facilities that provide specialized (city, district hospitals) and highly specialized (hospitals and regional hospitals) medical care will receive funding under an agreement with the NHA.

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