Nearly 5,000 Ukrainians evacuated from Germany in one week, continues operation – Ambassador



Nearly 5,000 Ukrainians evacuated from Germany in one week, continues operation - Ambassador

In the past week alone, almost 5,000 people have sent planes from Germany to Ukraine, but the evacuation of compatriots is not yet complete.

On this subject, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andrei Melnik said in a comment to Ukrinform.

“The past two weeks have seemed almost the most infernal in the recent history of domestic diplomacy, particularly in Germany, as thousands of our compatriots have essentially become hostage to restrictive measures in other countries due to the crisis in coronavirus. We must admit that the “evacuation” operation is not yet over, it will last until the last Ukrainian returns home safely, “said the ambassador.

According to him, joint efforts with the state administration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the last week alone of the intensive phase of the evacuation have made it possible to organize 25 special flights to Kiev from German airports, with aid from which almost 4,920 Ukrainian citizens returned, that is, almost all of those who have registered.

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The diplomat noted that it was often necessary to stay on the edge of what was possible: for example, on Friday March 27, even two SkyUp flights from Berlin to Kiev were managed, special permits for arrivals / departures were obtained in a short time and planes were sent to Boryspil after at 10 pm, the airport was to be closed “at the castle” and all other parallel flights were canceled.

Melnyk added that the Ukrainian embassy and four consulates in the Republic of Germany were working “hot” 24/7. According to his calculations, Berlin diplomats alone answered over 10,000 phone calls and 2,400 written requests. The Embassy has also created a Facebook page where you can get helpful tips and share experiences.

Besides the return, one of the questions that worries citizens is whether there are conditions to stay in Germany without breaking the law. In this regard, the German Ministry of Internal Affairs explains that if you have a national visa (D-Visa) or any other type of residence permit that expires, you must request an extension of the visa or the residence permit in the competent service from the migration service (Ausländerbehörde) at the place of residence / stay until the expiration of the visa. Given the current situation, the application can be submitted by e-mail. To extend the validity of a Schengen visa (C-Visa), as a general rule, an interview is conducted with the person concerned. In order to simplify the procedure, holders of a Schengen visa are now able to send a request by e-mail. The response of the migration service, as well as a passport and a visa, must be prepared to be provided during any checks in the country and when leaving the country.

As for citizens who have crossed the border into the visa-free entry regime and cannot return home within the prescribed period (up to 90 days in a 180-day period), they must also contact the migration before the end of the 90-day stay with a request to legalize (further) the stay in the country. The sending of such a request creates a situation in which, during the examination of said request, the stay in Germany is legal. It is recommended that you print a request for an extension of your stay or save it in a different format and be prepared to provide your passport / ID and an expired residence permit.

As Ukrinform pointed out, foreign diplomatic institutions in Ukraine are running a special “protection” program for Ukrainians who, after the Ukrainian border was closed, remained outside the country.

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