Need to prepare: WHO spoke about the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic



The World Health Organization notes that in European countries, the situation with COVID-19 is improving. But that doesn’t mean the disease will go away soon.

Coronavirus worldwide
Coronavirus worldwide. Photo –

On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “The telegraph“.

WHO experts predict that in the fall the world will be covered by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, and this should be carefully prepared. Even despite the fact that in many European countries the situation with the spread of the virus is improving:

“In many European countries, we are seeing an improvement in the situation with COVID-19 … But the world needs to prepare for the second wave, which will most likely happen this fall.”

The WHO Office also noted that in the fall, the coronavirus pandemic could coincide with other viral diseases, such as the flu and SARS.

Recall that Zelensky said earlier that Ukraine had coped fairly well with the first wave of the pandemic.



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