Negotiations are underway – an information resource has announced preparations for the opening of a new CPVV between Ukraine and Ordlo



The information source “Lugansk insider” controlled by the occupying “authorities” of the so-called “LPR” writes that the “authorities of the republic” would negotiate with the Ukrainian side regarding the opening of the Happiness CPVV.

CPVV in the Donbass
CPVV in the Donbass. Stock Photo –

This is reported by MFN, referring to the Telegram channel “Lugansk initiated.”

The information resource “Lugansk insider” writes that on the dividing line in Donbass can open CPVV “Happiness”. The resource, citing sources, writes that the so-called “authorities” of the so-called “LPR” are already negotiating with the Ukrainian side on this issue.

In addition, the resource writes that in addition to the happiness checkpoint, the golden checkpoint can also be opened.

“The CPVV should be open in the fall, at least this is discussed during the discussions. Negotiations are also underway regarding the opening of the Zolotoe CPVV, but there, as I am aware, there are many more uncoordinated problems, ”writes the author of the publication.

The author of the article writes that, despite “preliminary negotiations and agreements”, it is difficult to say that these checkpoints will open.

As you know, from June 10, Ukraine resumed the work of the CPVV “Village Lugansk” and “Maryinka”. For their part, the IAF opened the CPVV “Elenovka” on June 22. On the same day, Ukraine opened the Novotroitskoye CPVV.

Earlier, we reported that the “DPR Mediator” had indicated to whom illegal armed groups would be allowed to pass through the CPVV on the territory of the “Republic”.


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