Nevzorov reported an increase in madness in Russia: the reporter revealed what people go for fun



A Russian opposition journalist said that residents of the country began to deteriorate in the midst of quarantine. He spoke about the fact that some people are emptied in their pants on the camera, while others, accused of hatred, seek this meaning of life.

Alexander Nevzorov
Alexander Nevzorov. Photo –

Such judgments were delivered by Nevzorov during the interview “Echo of Moscow“, Reports” MFN “.

“The self-isolating amusements of our people are already becoming a kind of dark madness. At the very beginning, of course, everything was fine: painted nesting dolls, reconstructed paintings. But now people are writing in their pants in front of the camera. At the same time, they are still competing to wet their clothes harder. However, it should be done in Russia, but only at government meetings. People are infringing on the prerogatives of ruling circles. It’s a riot, ”said Nevzorov at the very start.

After that, he moved on to another “pleasure” of the Russians – television. According to him, people are charged with hatred by Kremlin propaganda. He said that a typical Russian simply cannot live without an object of hate.

“Self-isolation has not tarnished anything in terms of hatred. A good example of this is Dr. Malysheva. In this context, even Navalny is no different, no matter how I want to offend him. After all, he builds objects of hate in those places where there is 0 in politics and ideology, “he concluded.

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