Nevzorov spoke about dementia and madness in Russia: a reporter on the citizens of the Russian Federation and the authorities



It has become known that in the Russian Federation, a large number of people have mental health problems and a state of mind. It turned out that, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, this problem has only intensified.

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This opinion was expressed by Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov during an interview “Echo of Moscow“, Reports” MFN “.

“Now in Russia a lot of people are going crazy and are pretty good at it. But even in this context, these people stand out in the direction of the regions. Certainly, they are real geniuses. These include those in power in Bryansk who have decided to close the clinics. Now the population is definitely not bored. Crises, heart attacks and heart attacks prevent people from relaxing, “said Nevzorov, responding to a question about society in the Russian Federation.

After that, Nevzorov declared that there was no mass hysteria in Russia. However, there are those who love to gloat and “pluck”, as Nevzorov himself said, the insane people who turn to mediums and healers.

“These people will always be ready to load your underwear, saving the world. They have their own audience. Dementia – this does not apply to masks. In this, Russia is not lacking. With dementia in Russia, everything is in order. We have a lot of them, ”concluded Nevzorov.

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