Nevzorov spoke about the reptilians who rule the world: the journalist shared the secret of Soloviev and Mikhalkov



Alexander Nevzorov decided to comment on the theory of the universe of the scandalous Russian presenter Vladimir Solovyov and the director Nikita Mikhalkov. He said that according to the beliefs of these people, the reptilians rule the world, and only “spiritual ties” can save all of humanity.

Alexander Nevzorov
Alexander Nevzorov. Photo –

The reporter said this during an interview “Echo of Moscow“, Reports” MFN “.

“Soloviev and Mikhalkov profess an important conspiracy theory. It consists of the following: there is a world government composed of reptilians, Jews and talking spiders. They sit in bunkers. Gref is the secretary of this whole unit – the name translates to “clerk,” he said at the very beginning.

Then he continued, focusing on the fact that the reptilians had conquered the whole world, and only holy Russia was an obstacle to the “evil” plan of the extraterrestrials.

“By the way, why do we need a world gay parade? And the fact is that there is the power of sorting shows from the Russian Federation and spiritual ties. The lust of the reptilians is directed towards these 2 forces. By mixing secret power, as well as genre content, you get planes for the reptilians, “said Nevzorov.

After that, the reporter expressed his satirical confidence that the reptilians want to get away from Earth and that they need to refuel.

“It’s the link between the gay parade, the excrement, the relics and the reptilians, you see?”, He asked a rhetorical question.

At the very end, Nevzorov asked another rhetorical question about who is ready to believe this. Then he himself replied that there would be similar people in Russia. And, as he claims, Solovyov and Mikhalkov develop such a thought in people that it becomes a terrible thing for rational minds.

Recall that Nevzorov reported an increase in madness in Russia: the reporter revealed what people are going for fun.



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