New AirPods and MacBook Pros in May?


Deferring a couple of months of launch iPhone 12 (we talked about this in more detail in this article); Apple, however, will certainly not roam these months and two new models AirPods and MacBook Pro.

As for true wireless headphones, it should be a “lite” version of current AirPods Pro which were very successful also in Italy (you can buy them on Amazon by clicking on this link: Apple AirPods Pro) However, they should have arrived in March, but everything was postponed to the next month due to the emergency situation with coronavirus.

Not only that: May is probably a refreshment for Macbook pro, with new models with processors on board 10th generation Intel Core parts that have already leaked in the past few weeks.

Notch Iphone 12 Pro

The negligence on these two upcoming launches was provided by John ProsserThe famous leader in his other speech also foresaw what the future should be like. clearance on the iPhone 12 ProThus, rumors of a smaller “notch” are confirmed that it will continue to integrate the hardware needed for Face ID, as well as proximity and brightness sensors, but not speakers.


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