New Apple AirPods Pro: What’s Different?

What is Apple AirPods pro?

Apple AirPods Pro is a new product announced by Apple on October 30, 2019. It is an updated version of the original AirPods with added outstanding features. They are designed for active lifestyles with a water-resistant shell and Earhooks that keep them in place. The Earhooks also provide noise cancellation, which is a huge benefit for anyone who wants to use them while they’re working out or traveling. This means that they can reduce outside noise by up to 20 decibels.

They also have a better sound quality than the original AirPods. The sound quality is also much better than the original AirPods, making them perfect for listening to music or watching videos. Another difference is that the AirPods Pro comes with a case that can be used to charge them. The case also has a built-in microphone so that you can use it to make phone calls. The AirPods Pro cost $249.99 and is available for pre-order on Apple’s website.

How many types of apple AirPods are there?

Apple AirPods are a popular brand of wireless earbuds. They come in three types:

  • The original AirPods – The original AirPods have a white case and white earbuds and are small and lightweight and have five-hour battery life.
  • The AirPods with the charging case – The AirPods with the charging case have a black case and either white or black earbuds and can recharge the earbuds up to 24 times, giving them a total battery life of up to 120 hours.
  • The AirPods Pro – The AirPods Pro has a black case and black earbuds. The new AirPods have all the same features as the original AirPods, but they also include an optional water-resistant case that protects them from spills, rain, and sweat.

How to wear AirPods properly?

You may have seen people wearing AirPods and thought they looked silly, but there are right ways and wrong ways to wear them. Here are some tips on how to wear AirPods properly:

First, make sure the AirPods are charged. To put them in your ears, hold them near your ears with the stems pointing down. Put the right earbud in your right ear and the left earbud in your left ear. The AirPods will automatically start playing music when you put them in your ears.

To control the volume, tap the + or – buttons on the side of either earbud. To answer a call, press the button on the front of either earbud. To end a call, press again.

How to connect AirPods pro with any device

Apple’s AirPods Pro is the latest addition to the AirPods line. They are wireless earbuds that offer better sound quality and active noise cancellation than the original AirPods. The AirPods Pro also has a feature called Transparency Mode, which allows you to hear your surroundings when needed. You can connect your AirPods Pro to any device that has Bluetooth capability.

To connect and use your Apple AirPods below you can see the guide.

To start, make sure that your AirPods are charged. You can do this by placing them in the charging case and then plugging in the lightning cable that came with your AirPods. Once they are charged, open up the lid of the charging case and hold it close to your iPhone. You will see a prompt on your screen asking if you want to connect to your AirPods. Tap “Connect” and you’re good to go!

If you want to use Siri, just double-tap on either one of your AirPods. You’re good to go.

You can also see your AirPod’s battery status by pressing and holding the button on either of your AirPods. You’ll get a screen that will tell you how much battery life is remaining and when it’s time to charge them.

How to remove & replace AirPods Ear Tips

Apple’s AirPods Pro ear tips are notoriously difficult to remove and can be quite a pain if you need to clean them often. In this article, we will show you how to easily remove the AirPods Pro ear tips without any damage. Remove AirPods Pro Ear Tips Safely.

There are four tiny buttons on the AirPods Pro ear tips. Pressing them all at once will pop the ear tips out of your ears. But it’s also possible to remove each one individually one by one. To do this, press and hold the top button on the AirPods Pro ear tips for about ten seconds. This will release the bottom button. Then you can push that button away from the ear tip to pop it out of your ear.

Apple AirPods Pro ear tips are a great way to improve the sound quality and comfort of your headphones. If you have a pair of AirPods Pro, it’s a good idea to replace the ear tips every 6-12 months, depending on how often you use them.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Remove the old ear tips by gently pulling them from the top.
  1. Insert the new ear tips by pushing them into the hole at the top of the AirPods until they pop into place.
  1. Make sure the ear tips are firmly in place and aligned with your ears.
  1. Listen for a few minutes to make sure they’re comfortable and give you the best sound quality.

How to run the Ear Tip Fit Test on iPhone

If you’re having trouble with your Apple AirPods with Remote and Mic, the Ear Tip Fit Test can help you find the right size ear tips for a better fit. 

You can do this test on your iPhone. Ear tip Fit Test is a new feature that is available in the latest versions of iOS and it allows users to check the fit of their earbuds before they start using them. This can be really helpful because if the ear tips don’t fit well, they can cause discomfort and lead to poor sound quality.

To run the Ear Tip Fit Test, open the Settings app and go to “Accessibility”. Scroll down and tap on “Ear Tip Fit Test”. Now put your earbuds in your ears and follow the instructions on the screen. Tap on the button to test the earbuds with six different tips. 

If you want to hear the sound of each tip, tap on the one that sounds best and then tap on Done. Tap on Decline if you want to skip this test.