New coronavirus symptom revealed: European doctors warn parents



Spanish and Italian doctors have revealed a new symptom of the coronavirus, which is particularly common in children and adolescents. Experts have warned that coronavirus is often accompanied by a rash and dark spots on the legs.

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It is reported by “MFN”, with reference to a foreign publication Subway.

Italian doctors in their practice of working with infected coronaviruses have revealed that one in five patients begin to have skin problems. This happens especially often in standing children and adolescents.

Spanish experts note that the rash with coronavirus is externally similar to the rash caused by smallpox or measles. Typically, spots appear on the toes and eventually disappear without special treatment specifically for a rash. Just defeat the coronavirus infection. The Spanish Association of Pediatricians encourages the public, and in particular doctors and parents, to be alert to the signs of a possible coronavirus infection.

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