New dangerous property of coronavirus has become known: scientists have named previously unknown means of spreading the disease



Contrary to popular belief that the coronavirus is transmitted by airborne droplets (according to the WHO, 90% of infections), experts estimate that the virus can be transmitted by air, and much more quickly and imperceptibly.

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New dangerous property of coronavirus.
Scientists have concluded that the spread of coronavirus in the air. Photo:

Infectious disease specialist Lydia Moravska of the Queensland University of Technology is convinced that the virus spreads through the air.

In support of this hypothesis, Chinese virologist Ke Lian reported that indoor air samples were taken from Chinese hospitals and found viral RNA. This means that the coronavirus can spread around the room and deposit on objects.

Ben Cowling, an epidemiologist at the University of Hong Kong, also said that virus particles can accumulate inside and travel a certain distance.

Therefore, ventilation is important.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine would not stay on the couch for two months.

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