New data: Ukrainians are losing their jobs


Overall, more than half a million unemployed are registered in Ukraine

New data: Ukrainians are losing their jobs. Photo:

At the end of May, the number of registered unemployed in Ukraine crossed 511 thousand people, of which more than 57% were women. This was informed by publication. Interfax With reference to Oksana Kacelev, “Gender Budget in Ukraine” with the head of the project.

Trade, catering and service workers, according to Kseleva, “faced the greatest shortages in the areas where women are most concentrated.” The expert said that only 2.9% of the total number of vacancies in these areas are offered. “And that means there are not enough jobs for women,” he explained.

At the same time, according to him, men in the transport industry constitute 68.2% of full-time employees as well as heads of most private enterprises in this industry, and the number of vacancies for this group is 18.3% of their total number.

Kseleva also reported that women are at the highest risk of contraction of coronovirus, as they make up more than 80% of the full-time health workforce in Ukraine, which is the majority of medical and support staff. Kiseleva said that women make up 58% of the total number of people infected with coronovirus in Ukraine.

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Earlier, the head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Yakov Smoly, said that the unemployment rate in Ukraine would increase in the second quarter, to 11.5%, after which the figure would decrease in the second half of the year and in general, last year. Will be greater than, but less than 10. %

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