Foliate Linux, free open source ebook reader, has just released its own version 2.0, capable of supporting formats such as .epub, .mobi, .azw and .azw3.

The innovations presented by the e-book reader developed in the GTK libraries in GJS and Epub.js relate primarily graphic setting but also new search options on the page, from lexical to content (using Wiktionary and Wikipedia). Do not miss the opportunity to translate using Google Translate or other actions, come on chapter bookmarks, to annotations in the margins, up to the choice of brightness.

Thus, Foliate Linux, downloaded from both FlatHub and the Snap store, provides further evidence that reading digital books is gaining popularity.

This is also confirmed by recent discounts on Kobo’s Clara HD – in Canada and the US – awaiting Nia, the new Kobo home color display product.

Trend which to book digitizationwhich in numerical terms can be quantified at the Italian level based on Ipsos data: if almost 50 percent of people say they don’t read, then, nevertheless, there is one solid core of powerful e-book readers, just like 15 percent of subscribers to services like Kindle Unlimited, Storytel, and Audible,

All digital approach, which therefore finds strength in audio books (like the Rai 3 radio with its “out loud” ads), but also in multimedia texts, especially for children.

The e-book market seems quite convenient even for readers of the digital format.

Give her temporary stocks – at IBS you can choose a product at a discount, among those offered, during the day – until Kindle Unlimited – Amazon service that offers free reading for 30 days – e-book marketing is getting closer and closer to that of streaming television and some of italian online casinosIn addition, because this type of advantage is very similar to the temporary bonuses of the slots, as well as, above all, the “free spins” of the test.

Conversely, book culture is still a source of inspiration for digital entertainment: from the action game Metro 2033 (based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky) to Call of Cthulhu – with reference to Lovecraft – to slot machines inspired by more or less recent volumes such as The Wizard of Oz and The Book of Ra.

Moreover, the possibilities of technology have not escaped the authors themselves, who are increasingly offering their work, if not in electronic books, through art clips and commercials Broadcast through channels such as YouTube or possibly on social networks using previous applications such as Textgram or InstaQuote.


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