New fraud scheme discovered on Google Play and App Store


Flavorware applications able to cheat millions of users

A new fraud scheme has been discovered on Google Play and the App Store: how apps steal your money. Photo: AndroidInsider

Researchers at Sophos, a security company, have discovered the so-called Fleisware app on the App Store, which charges users after the trial ends. In general, applications in this category have been downloaded more than 3.5 million times.

The term “fleasware” refers to software that abuses the rules of the digital content store, which allows applications to be published with a free trial period. The store believes that users who install software with a free trial period will have to cancel their subscription themselves if they do not plan to continue using such a product.

But in most cases, people simply delete applications, and developers consider such steps as unsubscribing and do not withdraw money from them. But not everyone does this. These are escape applications.

Developers of such applications as QR-code readers or calculators, who subscribed for $ 240 per month, started a similar practice. Applications in this category have been downloaded more than 600 million times from the Play Store.

Researchers found a total of 32 Fleasware applications, which are offered with a free trial period, after which a fee of at least $ 30 per month is charged. Perhaps this amount would seem small to anyone, but if you consider it as a fee for subscribing to unused applications that require $ 360 per year, the cost no longer seems so insignificant.

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