New head of health ministry promises rapid, systemic changes in medicine



New head of health ministry promises rapid, systemic changes in medicine

The new Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov assures that the actions of the Ministry of Health through his leadership will be rapid and systematic.

He said so in his appeal, reports the ministry on Facebook.

“Today, politics has moved into the background. The first is the life and health of millions of people. I invite you to think about it, not the notes, the disagreements and your own ambitions. Therefore, the coronavirus does not care who its victim is a teacher, a minor or an MP. The infectious diseases hospital service makes everyone equal … The actions of the Ministry of Health will be rapid and systemic. And most importantly – I will fight for the life of every Ukrainian. Not just during the epidemic, “said Stepanov.

He also stressed that the world has changed, so that the Ukrainians should only rely on their own forces and their army of doctors, who should be equipped, protected, organized, with all the necessary equipment and medicines.

Stepanov also promised to solve the accumulated problems of doctors.

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“The coronavirus will pass. But Ukrainian medicine still has many unresolved issues. And we will definitely solve them. All rights to errors have already been used, ”he said.

The minister assured that he would inform the real situation online.

“We hang on, we isolate ourselves and maintain our common sense,” said Stepanov.

As noted, the Verkhovna Rada in a special meeting on March 30 sacked Ilya Yemets from the post of head of the health ministry and appointed Maxim Stepanov instead.

Maxim Stepanov, during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, headed the regional administration of the State of Odessa, before occupying the post of director of the public enterprise Polygraphic Combine Ukraine for the production of titles.

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