New name for Ukraine: Ukrainian lawyer made scandalous proposal



Some Ukrainian figures were not satisfied with the name of Ukraine. Famous national lawyer Andrei Fedur said that for prosperity it was necessary to give Ukraine the name “Rus”.

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It is reported by “MK“, Reports” NPF “.

He criticized Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky for not keeping his promises of change. Now the lawyer thinks that only the name change will save the country.

“A year ago, our hetman, as a child of immaculate political conception, was determined to change everything for the better in the country. He promised to change even the place of the presidential palace, but he couldn’t find anything more worthy than the Lenin Museum, ”said Fedur.

He described the events in Ukraine as an “infernal circle”, saying that this circle will not be interrupted until the name of Ukraine is replaced by the name of “Rus”.

Note that in May of last year, the former Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, Yuri Shcherbak, made a similar proposal. He said that Ukraine had stolen the historic name “Rus”.

Let us recall, as previously indicated, a new powerful party in Ukraine: the mayors of the cities intend to increase their power.



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