new offer for those who activate a new number


Debut Very mobile The new virtual operator WINDTRE has somewhat faded into the background due to the special emergency situation that we face in Italy. In any case, the provider introduced himself to the market with very interesting offers and from tomorrow April 1 should update several solutions already in the list by adding new offer for those who activate a new mobile number (without performing portability).

In fact, from tomorrow for those who activate the new number, it will be possible to activate Very 4.99, an offer currently available only to those who switch to Very Mobile from a virtual operator. This rate includes unlimited minutes and SMS and 30 GB in 4G (but at a speed limited to 30 Mbps) at the expense of everything 4.99 euros per month and with an activation of 9.99 euros. Like all other Very Mobile offers, the SIM card will be activated directly on the network and will be sent to your home address. Currently, those who activate the new number can activate the same tariff, but at a price of 2 euros more per month.

You can find more information about this new offer on the Very Mobile website, which starts tomorrow. Follow us for more information about the situation and possible new offers from the virtual provider.


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