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We have just learned that the Cabinet of Ministers will continue to do everything it can to encourage retirees to retire as late as possible.

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New payments for seniors.
Retirees are promised to raise pensions to a living wage. Photo:

This is necessary to slightly reduce the influx of new retirees and partially lighten the budget

At the same time, good news is being announced for seniors. The memorandum with the IMF signed by Ukraine indicates the obligation of our country to raise all existing minimum pensions to “Cost of living measured statistically.”

As a result, if this happens, Ukrainians will actually be able to receive at least 4 to 5,000 hryvnias. The question remains: will the Ukrainian authorities succeed in doing so, and if so, how soon.

According to statistics, the average pension in Ukraine is 3083 hryvnia. And to survive in primary school, it is necessary to have an income at least 1.5-2 times more.

Earlier, it was reported that the Cabinet of Ministers had warned about problems with the payment of pensions.



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