New rebate: what will work in Ukraine from June 1


Removing quarantine restrictions caused by epidemic situation in the country

A new phase of relief: what will work in Ukraine from 1 June. Photo:

On 1 June, Ukraine begins a new phase of quarantine concessions. From this day onwards, sports halls and fitness centers, educational institutions, interstate automobile communication and rail transport will start functioning in the country.

As noted by Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal, the introduction of new concessions made possible for the state of the epidemic. “In the last two weeks, we have seen almost similar cases of illness and recovery across the country,” the politician said. Also, he emphasized that the decision to remove certain restrictions in each region would be made by the regional commissions for fuel and energy and emergency situations.

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Earlier we have written that from 27 May the railway operator Ukrzeziltsuya resumed the work of the ticket offices at the stations. As stated on the carrier’s website, tickets will only be sold to passengers who wear protective masks.

Currently, passengers can purchase tickets for 5 intercity + high-speed trains and 9 night trains, which will start functioning from June 1, 2020.

Also available now are the purchase of tickets for 9 long distance trains in the following areas: No. 8/7 Odessa-Kharkov, No. 20/19 Lisichansk-Kiev, No. 53/54 Denepar-Odessa, No. 63/64 Kharkov-Kiev , No. 105/106 Kiev-Odessa and No. 791/792 Kiev-Kremenchug, No. 81/82 Kharkov-Novoleksevka, No. 125/126 Kiev-Konstantinovka and No. 10/9 Kiev-Mariapol.

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