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Only one phone number and four digit password are required to become a user.

Guide for the application “Dia”: new services, terms of use and plans for the future. Photo: NNS

English writer and historian Cyril Parkinson said, “Employees of bureaucratic organizations are increasing inversely with the amount of work.” Indeed, bureaucracy often becomes redundant and ineffective, increasing the risk of corruption and restricting citizens’ access to essential services.

Digitization of services is a good way to tame bureaucratic processes, if, of course, everything is done correctly. When a simple smartphone application becomes a government service, the need for unbearable queues in officers’ offices becomes nil.

It is precisely these ideas that direct the creators of the first Ukrainian electronic public service service, known as “judging power,” or “dia”. The service is available in both the web version as a site, and as a mobile application. Over a period of three months of operation, the Dia application was downloaded by over 3 million Ukrainians, while the portal was launched relatively recently – on the second day of April.

Based on the “Power and I” service, additional projects also work, such as e-Malatco, business and digital education. The EMalyatko portal is engaged in services for new parents, “Dia. Business “advises entrepreneurs, and” Dia. Digital Ovita ”is responsible for improving digital literacy of Ukrainians.

How to use

To start using the application, all you need is a phone number and a four-digit password (or a fingerprint, if desired), and it will take several minutes to download the program on your smartphone. The system provides multiple authorization options simultaneously: via BankID or by using Privat24.

The BankID option is suitable for Oschadbank, Radabank, Idea Bank, FUIB, Pivdenny Bank, Forward Bank, Alliance Bank, A-Bank, Kredobank, Motorbank, Vostok Bank as well as Monobank users. After confirming your identity, you should also agree to transfer information through online banking.

For some services, you will also need an electronic signature – it can be issued either at specialized accredited key authentication centers, or online using Prevetbank (registration of the electronic digital signature on the “Business” tab on the institution’s website Is done in).

Guide for the application “Dia”: new services, terms of use and plans for the future. Photo: Hashtap

Service list

Recently, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted “On the implementation of the pilot project on the application of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine as an electronic card, and on the passport of a citizen of Ukraine to travel electronically” “Dia” gives a digital passport in the application of legal force. Apart from e-passport, the portal also provides many electronic services and documents. Today it is:

  • Digital student;
  • Digital passport;
  • Digital auto insurance policy;
  • Digital driver’s license and registration certificate;
  • Order a personal license plate;
  • Recovery and exchange of driver’s licenses;
  • Information about the owner of the land;
  • Remove from plot of land;
  • Information about people who see information about land plots;
  • Vain declaration;
  • Certificate from the register of insured persons;
  • Certificate without criminal record;
  • Helping children for FLP;
  • Opening / closing of FLP;
  • Change FLP data;
  • Unemployment benefit;
  • Help at birth;
  • Fire license;
  • License to manufacture drugs;
  • License to import drugs;
  • License for road transport services;
  • License to sell medicines;
  • Municipal Nanny (monthly reimbursement of childcare costs up to three years);
  • Obtaining permits for overseas transportation;
  • Sign documents;
  • Appointment of the appropriate user (the ability to appoint a driver of a vehicle that does not own it);
  • Fire declaration.

And this is not a complete list – you have to use a rubricator to find the required service, especially since the number of sites is increasing every month. In June, there are plans to introduce services to pay fines and payments for cars, digital tax numbers and instant online issuance of SmartID electronic signatures. By 2024, they promise to recreate all public services in the Dia application.

In addition, the developers plan to use the application in presidential, parliamentary and local elections – electoral registers will be added to the system by the end of the year.

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