new simplified and dark user interface available


Facebook desktop version records arrival new interface announced last year and finally available after a long period of beta testing. The new interface has a number simplification which bring the desktop version of the social network to the mobile version.

Among the new products, we find the reorganization of menus and labels, new fonts, simplified access to stories and other functions of the social network. Also note that the new version of Facebook supports dark mode can be activated from the settings, which reduces reflection and less tiresome sight. The new Facebook user interface is released for all users of the social network. In a few days (even if Facebook is still talking about “next weeks”), the new interface will be activated automatically.

Here’s the news about the new user interface described directly by Facebook:

  • Find things faster: Find what you are looking for faster with the new simplified navigation. In addition, the home page will load faster, and the transition from one page to another will be faster.
  • Cleaner look, large texts: Large fonts and simplified markup simplify your operations.
  • See photos and videos in full screen: Stay up to date and comment on stories, videos and albums thanks to a new, more attractive layout.
  • Easily manage pages, groups and events: With the new version, it has become easier to create events, pages, groups and inserts. You can view the new group that you created in real time, checking how it looks from your mobile device before publishing it.
  • Fatigue less vision: The new black background mode is less bright with less contrast and less brightness. This mode minimizes screen reflection for use in low light conditions.


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