new update released that fixes green display error


With the release of the update in early April, several owners Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung’s current top of the range, has begun to record a very annoying bug with greenish display under various conditions of use, such as, for example, when the refresh rate is set to 120 Hz or the brightness is lowered below 25%.

From today, a few days after the announcement, release of new software update for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra it goes to fix green display errorThe new update has a weight of about 150 MB also applies to Galaxy S20 and S20 + (probably to prevent further errors of this type). Please note that there should be no other news for the firmware, except for the fix that fixes the green display error.

A new update is released for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which in a few days should go to the Italian units of the upper part of the Korean house. Thus, the green display error will be fixed very soon for all users in our country.

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