New vulnerability allows any iPhone to be hacked


Vulnerability discovered by a group of hackers

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The vulnerability was found in a new update for iOS. Photo:

The No 0 hacker group discovered a vulnerability in the new iOS 13.5 that allows you to configure and install applications without Apple’s restrictions.

Despite the fact that the update to the operating system was only released on May 20 and is the current version of Apple’s mobile OS with maximum security, hackers have already developed and released a jailbreak (Apple officially But unsupported operations that allow access to the file systems of many of the company’s device models). The new device allows you to configure and install applications without Apple restrictions on all devices running iOS 11, starting from version 11.0 and inclusive to 13.5.

It has been reported that the jailbreak of iOS 13.5 from Unc0ver is not available for public use, as it is for research purposes. Experts in the field of information security will be able to nudge those with the help of iPhones and iPads who are interested in them to study the protective mechanisms and operating systems of the current version of iOS, hardware systems and other systems responsible for protecting user data. Can do.

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Previously we wrote that the Android operating system turned out to be an opposing leader in terms of the number of vulnerabilities. This was told by the experts of TheBestVPN project, who counted over 2.5 thousand vulnerabilities in Android throughout the history of the OS.

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