New weather forecast for June 25, 2020: rains will continue to rage in western Ukraine



Meteorologist Natalya Didenko said on June 25 the weather in western Ukraine will not recede.

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The weather forecast for June 25, 2020.
In Ukraine, on June 25, bad weather in the West will continue, in other regions, it is dry and hot. Photo:

June 25 will be hot and dry in Ukraine with the exception of the western regions. There, the hydrological situation continues to be complex and dangerous. Rains will pass in the Carpathians, the Carpathians and Bucovina.

“Most of Ukraine will be in dry weather. The air temperature should be between + 26 … + 30 degrees, and in western Ukraine from +23 to +27 degrees “, – Natalia Didenko wrote on her Facebook page.

It will be the hottest in the regions of Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson – + 28 … + 30 degrees. In addition, in the Odessa region, periodic rains are not excluded. The coolest weather is expected in the Ivano-Frankivsk region – + 22 … + 24 degrees.

In Kiev, on June 25, no precipitation is also expected. The temperature during the day rises to 28 degrees.

Weather previously reported on June 24, 2020.



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