New weather in Ukraine on June 18, 2020: in the west it is raining



Meteorologist Natalya Didenko said the weather in Ukraine on June 18 will not change much.

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Weather forecast for June 18, 2020.
In Ukraine, June 18 is hot and rainy, thunderstorms, strong winds and hail are possible. Photo:

According to the meteorologist, on Friday June 18, a significant part of Ukraine will still be in the area of ​​low atmospheric pressure. Therefore, short term rains, thunderstorms are expected tomorrow, with thunderstorms, local gusts and hail.

The rains will take place in the western regions of the country, in the northern regions and in the Vinnitsa region. The average air temperature in the country is + 30 ° C.

“But nevertheless, our west remains the record holder for attracting moisture to our heads. Friday afternoon, the air temperature should be between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius, in eastern Ukraine at +33, in western regions, the rains will cool the air at 23-28 degrees Celsius “, – Natalya Didenko wrote on her Facebook page.

In Kiev, Friday, short rains are also expected at an average temperature of + 30 ° C.

Natalya Didenko also said that cooling should be expected from Monday.

The weather was previously reported on June 17, 2020.



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